1201 General Hotline

For over 40 years, ERAN has responded to thousands of people in distress and in need of advice, providing unconditional emotional support for all, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


ERAN’s hotline provides immediate emotional first aid through a one-time intervention where both the callers and volunteers are anonymous. A patient and compassionate listening ear is offered to any individual regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, race or attitude.


ERAN has developed special therapeutic techniques which have helped millions of callers from all over Israel, from all walks of life and from all sectors of the community.   These techniques have repeatedly proven that ERAN’s method is effective, and saves lives.


In the past year, more than 140,000 calls were answered and lives were saved by ERAN volunteers “being there” for callers when they needed help most urgently. ERAN has almost a thousand volunteers operating hotlines from 10 branches around the country, as well as on the Internet.


ERAN also provides unique support to the community during times of war and national emergency, as our volunteers are well-trained to aid people suffering from anxiety and symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  During the 2006 Lebanon War, ERAN responded to 50% more calls than it usually answers in an average month.


There are many excellent charitable organizations addressing ones physical needs, such as providing food parcels or medical equipment, etc. However, emotional suffering goes together with physical distress and to fully help a person in need, we must also consider their emotional well-being. ERAN is the only organization in Israel, which provides a 24-hour hotline for direct emotional support.


YOU CAN HELP ERAN to maintain this vital service, and respond to the ever growing number of calls seeking emotional support by donating now on the following link