Hotline for Soldiers

ERAN operates a special Hotline for Soldiers specifically addressing the needs of young soldiers and their families. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is operated by volunteers professionally trained to understand the specific difficulties and needs of young soldiers and to address issues of violence, suicide, loneliness, mental illness, distress and anxiety

Every year approximately 40 Israeli soldiers commit suicide and despite the increased distress that soldiers experience on a daily basis, few feel comfortable using the military mental health services.  The Israeli soldier is viewed as an icon of strength and many soldiers are afraid of the stigma associated with seeking emotional help. The ERAN Hotline for Soldiers supplements the IDF’s mental health services by providing an entirely separate and confidential hotline, which assures complete anonymity for the soldiers and their families.                                   

The Hotline for Soldiers is a joint initiative with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who sought to partner with ERAN because of the organization's experience and success with suicide related calls and its reputation for over forty years as the most professional emotional help hotline in Israel. Just this year ERAN saved 5 soldiers at risk of suicide.

ERAN is currently in the middle of a special advertising campaign for the Hotline for Soldiers in collaboration with the IDF which aims to convey and encourage a sense of legitimacy in seeking mental health services. We intend to reach soldiers through the mass media such as radio, television, newspapers and the Internet, as well as through the internal system of the IDF.  The campaign also addresses soldiers who emigrated from the former Soviet Union.

There are many excellent charitable organizations that address the physical needs of our soldiers, such as providing food parcels or general supplies, etc.   However, emotional distress goes together with physical hardships and to fully help our soldiers in need, one must also consider their emotional well-being.  ERAN is the only organization in Israel which provides soldiers and their families with a 24-hour hotline for direct emotional support.

YOU CAN HELP ERAN to maintain this vital service, and to fund volunteer recruitment, training and outreach costs, to repspond to the ever growing number of calls from soldiers seeking emotional support by donating now on the following link