Welcome to ERAN - Emotional First Aid by Telephone & Internet

Welcome to ERAN

Loneliness, despair, guilt, anger, embarrassment, fear, love, suicidal thoughts…..whom amongst us has not experienced at least one of these emotions in our lives. For many, finding the right person to talk to about our distress is difficult, someone who will not judge or negate us, someone who can hear us without objectivity, someone who will just listen and help us get through the hard times, say a kind word, encourage us to heal and forgive.

That is what ERAN does.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

1,100 highly trained volunteers answer the telephone and internet calls from distressed people, from all walks of life, from all socio-economic strata, all ages, all religions and all sexes. People like you and me; strong people going through tough times, people who need someone to listen to them and provide a different perspective.

In 2013 alone, 162,000 Israeli people felt the need to talk to someone, 3,500 of those callers were considering taking their own lives. ERAN answered and their lives were changed forever.

Protective Edge operation started on 6th July 2014 and almost immediately the numbers of distressed calls ERAN received skyrocketed, a 66% increase by the end of the operation.

Well I am glad to say that the ceasefire is holding for now and our soldiers are taking a well-deserved rest. We all hope and pray that they will not need to fight again, at least for a long time.

However, the work of ERAN continues as it has done for nearly 45 years and the struggles to keep the service alive in light of diminishing government funding and insurmountable.

Please spread the word and help us sustain ERAN to continue to provide this essential service.

Please go to: and donate to ERAN. Or call 1-700-70-1201

If you or someone you know needs emotional assistance please call:

General Hotline call 1201 (Hebrew)

Arabic Language Hotline call 1201 ext. 2 (12:00 - 20:00)

Russian Language Hotline call 1201 ext. 3 

Soldiers & Their Families Hotline call *2201 (Hebrew)

Hotline for the Aged call *3201 (Hebrew)

Hotline for Holocaust Survivors & Their Families call 1-800-24-1201 

Emotional Support via the Internet: Email: (Hebrew & English)

Online Chat - direct access through the Hebrew website ICQ - #12010

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Your donations help save lives
2013 Activity Report
During 2013 ERAN responded to approximately 162,000 calls of which 3,500 suicidal calls were received and treated.
March 2014
According to Israeli government statistics issued this month, the number of suicides within the teenage community rose by 100% in 2013.